Used this Company to move my 1943 wartime jeep from home in Surrey to East Sussex. Brilliant care and service at a very reasonable price. Nice people and would not hesitate to use them again.. Many thanks to them for their extra care and attention looking after my precious Willys jeep.

Ray, Weybridge

Transporting a Bike within Europe

Posted on 23 Jul 2015
Finding the right company for transporting a bike within Europe can be a pretty confusing job if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are any number of reasons why you might need one: You could be relocating to Europe and want your mean machine with you. You may have t

How to Transport a Motorcycle within the UK

Posted on 23 Jul 2015
If you want to get a motorcycle from one place to another there are two main options – you can either ride it there yourself or you can use a transporter to carry it. There may be any number of reasons that you don’t want to ride a bike to the destination point. Perhaps yo

Get the Cost of Transporting a Car within Europe

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
If you are looking for a company that can transport your car to Europe at the best price and be sure they get it there safely, then White’s Vehicle Transport could be the solution you are looking for. Use our online tool now to get an estimate of the cost of transporting to anyw

Leading Car Transport Companies in the UK

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
The leading car transport companies in the UK all have a number of factors in common. First of all they provide a collection and delivery service that goes far beyond a jaunt across town – most operate across the whole of the UK and into Europe. Some even provide a service inter

When to Hire a Car Transporter

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
Whilst most of us drive our car to it’s appropriate destination, there are some occasions when a vehicle might need a helping hand. Popping it up onto a flatbed truck can be the only option, especially if you need to travel a long distance or want to make sure a new car gets to

Top Car Transporters in the UK

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
If you want to transport your car anywhere in the UK, across Europe or further afield then there are now plenty of companies around who can help you out. Whether you want to send your SEAT to Salisbury or have your Daimler given a lift to Doncaster, sometimes the best option is to sti

Finding a Vehicle Transport Service Provider in the UK

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
There may be any number of reasons you have to transport your car or motorcycle from one part of the UK to another. If you’ve sold it to someone else you probably don’t want the hassle of driving it to its new home. Opting for a third party to do it is the best option. You

Covered Car Transport Companies

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
If you’re having your car carried from A to B by a third party you want to be sure that it stays safe and is as well protected as possible. There are two options with car transport companies – covered and uncovered. If you only want transportation over a short distance the

UK Motorcycle Delivery Companies

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
There are plenty of reasons why you will need the services of UK motorcycle delivery companies. For instance, you might have bought a bike online and need it transporting from the seller to your doorstep. You might have a classic bike that you don’t want to risk on the open road

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